Our traveling to Caesarea, Acre, and Rosh Hanikra




Journey Overview


Tour the coastal towns of Israel as we Here we see the remains of an ancient Roman port town and realize the amphitheater, hippodrome, and ruins of temples, palaces, and bathhouses. We travel further north along the shore to the port town of Haifa. Here we view the terraced Baha’i Gardens about Mt. Carmel and find out about the Baha’i faith. Continuing to Israel’s border with Lebanon, the excursion takes you to the sea caves of Rosh HaNikra. Here we could put in the cave chambers and tunnels in which waves crash against the rocks. We reunite south, and the excursion visits the Crusader city of Acre.

This Tour part is followed by a visit to the 12th century Crusader fortress, Ottoman buildings, and a Citadel’s former Turkish and British prison.



Travel schedule:


This excursion to the Extraordinary coastal North of Tel Aviv across the coastal road. We pass the shore resort Cities of Herzilya, and Natanya subsequently arrives at Caesarea. Our Caesarea Roman town was constructed by Herod, King of Judea, in roughly 25-13 BC. The structures. Several have been excavated and maintained. The amphitheater Is still employed today for performances by top artists. Afterward, Caesarea became Byzantine funding. Subsequently, the Crusaders created a City surrounded by enormous fortified walls. Continuing our great Tour, we pass Haifa, Israel’s third-largest city constructed on The slope of Mount Carmel confronting the ocean. The Haifa tour stops in the terraces Are implanted with geometric accuracy and adorned with flowers, Fountains, and statues. In the Middle of this backyard is the Shrine of Bab. And the importance of the gardens. The extreme northern boundary where Israel matches Lebanon and the ocean Over millennia The manifestation of the white stone on the blue water generates a Magical turquoise shade. After the caves were only reachable from the As Above ground, There’s a lively Ottoman-era city with a crowded marketplace and fishing haven. Beneath the Surface is a whole Crusader city constructed from the 12th century. Watch Fortified walls and a moat that Napoleon wasn’t able to overcome. Tour the Crusader stays the Turkish Citadel and watch Websites utilized during the British Mandate. The excursion leaves Acre and Returns south across the shore.

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