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Generic Valium: general data

Valium is a potent drug that belongs to the category of drugs against seizures and side effects from seizures. Moreover, Valium or rather, Generic Diazepam, which is in its composition, acts as a tranquilizer. It soothes the body and is therefore indicated for use in many cases.

Indications for treatment

If you suffer from the following problems, Generic Valium with an active substance Diazepam is able to help you. List of diseases:

  • problems with sleeping (insomnia, etc.),
  • seizures of any degree of severity,
  • the presence of spasms during sleep or at other times,
  • a constant or emerging sense of anxiety.

In addition, Generic Valium can also be used as an anesthetic. This is more the treatment of psychological diseases, so the action of Valium and Diazepam is directed mainly to the brain-to-brain impulses. Often this drug is used as a remedy for treating problems with neuropathy and psychology in various aspects.

Interaction with other drugs

Diazepam as part of Valium is able to aggravate the effects of other drugs and lead to both studied and unpredictable consequences. As for diseases of a specific type, Valium is often prescribed as a drug for the treatment of alcoholism. In this case, it helps to recover after the withdrawal syndrome, which is necessary for everyone who is fighting this disease.

Before surgery, Valium and other drugs containing Diazepam are sometimes used as an anesthetic, but extremely rarely, since its effect, in this case, can be unpredictable. Also, Valium is able to help with problems with the stomach. For example, patients with a stomach ulcer or gastritis also take this medication for treatment. What is its effect? Valium is able to affect the amount of gastric juice that the body produces. It is due to the decrease in the amount of this liquid that the human body experiences relief from the remaining symptoms of the disease. Despite the low level of toxicity, the Valium preparation can cause a significant harm to the human body in the case of improper intake of tablets and disruption of their dosage. That is why it is recommended to follow all instructions clearly. Otherwise, you risk inflicting more damage to the body than good. If you have any doubts about using Valium, you should consult a doctor: this will help to avoid the negative consequences of self-medication.

Side effects

Valium is able to cause side effects quite common for all potent drugs. Among them, doctors can especially highlight the most frequent:

  • problems with sleep,
  • problems with memory,
  • constant feeling of fatigue,
  • problems with the expression of emotions.

As the most common adverse side effects can be identified sudden outbursts of rage, as well as panic attacks or suicidal thoughts. Such side effects are most likely if the patient was prone to similar manifestations of aggression and negativity in all respects before the treatment. Please note: even an overdose of the drug is not capable of affecting blood circulation.


The risk of overdose always exists when the drug is taken incorrectly. In addition, doctors identify the most likely symptoms:

  • dryness and viscosity in the mouth,
  • feeling of heartburn or heaviness in the stomach,
  • disturbances of stool,
  • feeling of nausea and vomiting.

If you take the drug long enough, then one of the symptoms may be enuresis, as a disease of the urinary system. In addition, overly long-term use of the drug may affect the erectile function in men, so the reproductive system is also under threat.

A strong overdose can be expressed in:

  • a feeling of weakness and drowsiness,
  • hearing or vision impairment,
  • violation of the heart muscle.

The first actions in the case of an overdose

In the case, the overdose is obvious and the effect has already manifested, it is necessary to rinse the patient’s stomach before the doctor arrives and prepare the body for an early treatment. Be sure to give the patient activated charcoal in the right amount to cleanse the body. Try to provide enough air for the patient so that he or she could breathe normally and felt as comfortable as possible.


People often apply Flumanezil in order to eliminate the effect of Valium. Thus, it is necessary to observe medical supervision at the reception of the given preparation. Eliminate this method of treatment if the patient has epilepsy of any severity.


You should not mix this drug with alcohol, as well as with any other drugs without the approval of a doctor. Before you start taking this medicine, make sure that it does not break the body’s work and will get the necessary positive effect. If you are in doubt or the dosage should be determined separately for a severe case of a disease, consult a doctor.

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