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Tramadol: a generic anesthetic

Generic Tramadol is a drug that helps to relieve the patient of different kinds of pain, both average and truly severe. The main ingredient of this drug, Tramadol, is Ultram. Generic Ultram is able to give the body a feeling of unique lightness and to get rid of negative feelings. Tramadol is referred to the class of opiate drugs, which means that it is strong enough and designed for professional use solely for its intended purpose. How does Generic Tramadol work? Very simply: Tramadol is able to act on the nervous system and relieve it of painful impulses. Pay attention that, despite the powerful effect, the drug has an absolute minimum of contraindications. The most frequent of them are allergies, as well as a joint reception of Tramadol with other medicines.


If you already have opiates in your diet, exclude a joint reception with Tramadol and other drugs based on Ultram.

There are a number of other drugs that can influence the action of Generic Ultram. Such preparations embrace:

  • vitamin complexes,
  • biologically active additives,
  • sedative,
  • relaxants,
  • painkillers.

Specific brands and names of medications are listed in the instructions attached to this drug. Be sure to read this manual before you start taking the medicine. If you decide to seek help from a doctor, please be aware that you must report all the drugs that you take with Tramadol. As for various medicinal herbs, there are a number of natural analgesics that have a fairly powerful effect. Do not take Ultram with St. John’s Worth and similar herbs.

Another aspect of contraindications is related to diseases of the internal organs, which can also aggravate the effect of the drug. In the case if you have problems with the lungs or kidneys, the use of Tramadol can provoke sudden cramps, including during sleep. The total number of contraindications includes:

  • diseases caused by infections,
  • heart problems,
  • alcoholism or drug addiction,
  • recovery after an overdose,
  • problems with kidney and liver.

Also, Tramadol is able to react with an anesthetic drug, for example, during dental treatment. Therefore, if you decide to go to the dentist, tell him or her about taking this drug. Doing so, you can avoid negative consequences.


If you are already taking Tramadol or another drug based on Ultram, try to refrain from driving the car and working with precise mechanisms. This recommendation is based on the fact that Tramadol is able to influence both the coordination of movements and the clarity of consciousness. To avoid injuries and accidents, try to be as non-active as possible.

Ideally, Tramadol requires no alcohol. If you drank a small amount of low-alcohol beverages, this will not affect the effect critically. However, strong spirits should be completely abandoned.

Side effects

Tramadol is capable of provoking side effects of a rather weak effect. Among the most frequent are:

  • migraine,
  • dizziness,
  • fainting,
  • problems with concentration.

Avoid active actions and decision-making during the action of the drug. Contraindication is phenylketonuria.


If the dosage of Tramadol is too large, it is better to see a doctor right away. How to determine overdose? There are several obvious side effects:

  • a sharp decrease or increase in the pupil,
  • problems with pulse and breathing,
  • loss of consciousness,
  • amnesia.

In any of these cases, you need to receive qualified medical help in order to avoid the aggravation of the consequences.


In exceptional cases, Tramadol can cause serious negative consequences. Nevertheless, there are side effects that can be considered not just frequent, but normal and natural. These include:

  • nausea,
  • indigestion,
  • hormonal mood swings,
  • increased sweating.

If you find any of these symptoms, you do not need to seek help from a doctor. However, ask for help if you notice:

  • signs of allergy,
  • problems with breathing,
  • hallucinations,
  • convulsions.

There is a risk of side effects that are not listed. In this case, also seek medical attention.

Observance of the regime

To avoid exacerbating the negative effects and provoking the body, try to exclude citrus fruits completely from your menu, especially grapefruits. Also, it is not recommended to mix drugs and strong alcohol.

If you missed taking the drug, you can simply continue taking in according to the schedule, without doubling the next dose. Take the instructions seriously: only when used as prescribed, the drug is completely safe.

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