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Generic Soma: a drug based on Carisoprodol

Generic Soma is a drug that works as a blocker and muscle relaxant. This drug helps to block those impulses that come from the brain. In other words, Generic Carisoprodol simply blocks the work of neurons in the brain. Thanks to this targeted effect of Generic Soma, we cease to feel the pain that can plague patients for many different reasons. However, it can both completely disappear and decrease to a very insignificant level. Of course, such an effective drug can work in other ways and for other purposes, but this is not proven and the effectiveness can’t be officially confirmed.


This muscle relaxant Generic Soma has several contraindications, both for other diseases and for other drugs for joint use. For example, doctors strongly recommend refraining from taking this medication if you are sick with porphyria. Also, the symptoms of the liver and kidneys diseases can become contraindications to treatment with the help of Generic Soma. Carisoprodol should be used in these cases with great care and if necessary. If this is not necessary, you can replace it with another drug as agreed with your doctor.

Be sure to take Carisoprodol carefully.


There are several universal recommendations for the use of this drug with Carisoprodol, which must be observed by all patients. These include:

  1. guarantee that you are not sick,
  2. taking medications with a lot of water,
  3. mandatory dosage control (the maximum allowed are 4 pieces per day),
  4. storage within the expiry date.

In the event that you want to use it without the intervention of a doctor, you need to follow clear instructions. Nevertheless, doctors strongly advise applying for a preliminary consultation. Be sure to observe the storage conditions of this product: store it in a dark place without sunlight and avoid moisture.

Problem: missed dose

In the event that for some reason you missed the dose, just continue to apply this medication on schedule. This is not a critical error. The only thing you should not do is to double the next dose because of the missed one. Such a mistake can be perceived by the body as an overdose and cause serious consequences.


Generic Soma, like other drugs with Carisoprodol, can cause serious illnesses, such as an overdose. Among the symptoms, one can distinguish the following:

  • problem with pressure,
  • weakness in the body,
  • loss of consciousness,
  • labored breathing.

If you notice serious negative consequences that must provide medical assistance, contact your doctor for help. In an opposite case, they can be more destructive.


Be sure to follow the recommendations that will help you to maintain your body from losing its capacity. It is important to remember that Soma is a potent drug. This means that Soma can influence your ability to think clearly. In addition, Soma can cause a sense of weakness in the body. Soma can provoke a dangerous accident, including if you took an alcohol together with Soma. Alcohol can increase the negative consequences, so the combination of Soma and Carisoprodol causes:

  • feeling of weakness,
  • nausea and dizziness,
  • chills, etc.

In the case of suspected side effects, consult a doctor immediately.

Also, if you have not taken alcohol, but the Soma effect seems unpleasant or dangerous to you, be sure to consult a doctor to be sure of your safety.

Side effects

As the most frequent dangerous side effects, Soma can cause:

  • allergy,
  • problems with vision,
  • possible paralysis,
  • sensation of panic.

All these effects can cause loss of consciousness. They are not so common with adherence to the rules of admission. More often, you can feel:

  • problems with sleep,
  • small headache,
  • pressure in the eyes,
  • hiccups,
  • indigestion.

Even the simplest side effects can have a negative effect on your body and become worse if you do not take timely measures. That’s why you need to ask for help ASAP.


Be wary of Soma with other drugs. Some substances can react heavily with Soma. For example, this concerns:

  • sedatives,
  • medications for depression,
  • antihistamines, etc.

In any case, if you take any medications on an ongoing basis, even if these are herbal infusions, be careful and attentive. Incorrect intake of drugs can have a negative effect on your body and cause bad health. Never disregard medical help and do your best for well-being.

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