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Generic Lasix: general information

Lasix and Generic Furosemide in its composition represents you a new active drug that has the main effect on the kidney area. Lasix is the drug that can help to remove extra fluid from kidneys. Such effect helps to eliminate swelling, which often interferes with active life. Of course, the action of Generic Lasix is predictable enough: it is a diuretic drug, which in this way relieves the body of excess fluid. Pay attention to the important aspect: along with excess moisture, useful substances are also expelled from the body, so during the treatment, it is necessary to constantly monitor the patient’s body condition.

Indications for use

Lasix and its main active ingredient Furosemide will help to get rid of swelling of any severity. If you have suffered from a feeling of heaviness in your legs, Lasix is exactly what you need. Why does the body develop excessive swelling? The reason is in the diseases of internal organs, in particular, in problems with the kidneys or liver. Lasix has another active effect, which manifests itself almost immediately: it flushes excess potassium from the body. This means that the use of Lasix will save you from excess potassium. Lasix will not affect the amount of microelement that is contained in your body in a normal amount, but everything outside the norm will be literally eliminated. Lasix and other drugs based on Furosemide are used to treat diseases such as cirrhosis of any extent.


Refrain from taking Lasix and any other drug based on the ingredient Generic Furosemide if you suffer from:

  • kidney disease,
  • propensity to allergy,
  • violation of the balance of sugar in the blood,
  • deficiency of microorganisms and minerals,
  • stenosis.

In the case of serious diseases such as diabetes and other ailments associated with an imbalance of sugar, ask for advice before taking. Contraindications may also include:

  1. diabetes,
  2. heart problems,
  3. impaired intestinal function,
  4. problems with the pancreas.

There are other, less fundamental contraindications. They are listed in the instructions that are attached to the package with the goods. Once you feel that the drug has stopped producing an active effect, it is recommended to stop treatment immediately with its use, as this can cause negative effects.

Recommendations for taking Lasix

With long-term use of Lasix, it is necessary to monitor the results regularly. You can take the drug with the obligatory condition to fulfill the deficiency of elements in the blood, such as potassium or sodium.

Be sure to exclude the use of alcohol or strong narcotic substances for the duration of treatment. It is strictly prohibited to mix Lasix with other similar drugs based on Furosemide. If you are an elderly patient, you are at risk with this drug. Treat tablets seriously, they can be dangerous.


It is strongly recommended that you designate an individual dosage if you are already taking any potent drugs other than Lasix. The permissible dosage ranges from 20 to 80 mg per day. In doing so, try to take the lowest possible dosage to achieve the most effective result without a risk of addiction. It is possible to increase the dosage by 20 mg once every two weeks if the effect is not strong enough. Also, Lasix can be a part of the treatment. It can be used in conjunction with other drugs of a similar action, but with the less powerful effect in order to avoid an overdose.

Side effects

Lasix is able to influence the composition of liquids in the body actively, in particular, blood and plasma. Among the possible side effects are the most frequent, which may require medical care are:

  • migraine and dizziness,
  • fainting,
  • cramps,
  • dry mouth,
  • disturbance of the heart and heart rate,
  • heaviness in the abdomen.

Side effects may be stronger depending on the amount of the drug and your condition. When taking Lasix, especially if it concerns a long course of treatment, it is recommended to follow a diet. Note that the reaction of the body to Lasix is most often individual. Lasix can adversely affect the state of male sexual function: an excessive amount of the drug can provoke penile dysfunction, be careful and ready for such consequences.


Lasix should be stored in a dry dark place, like any drug based on Furosemide. Do not allow children and pets to take tablets. Be sure to observe the expiration date and watch the regimen of taking medications to avoid negative consequences. Remember that Generic Lasix is completely safe only when taken for the intended purpose.

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