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Generic Zopiclone: the action in the Imovane composition

Sleep is one of the most important and significant physiological processes that are necessary for all aspects of our existence. When we sleep, we do not just rest, we fill our bodies with energy, we fill the balance, we are preparing to live one more day, full of actions. How does your body behave in those moments when you objectively do not have enough sleep in the right volume? Not only does your physical activity change, your mental activity also changes, you feel tired and nervous, you can’t concentrate. For those who do not want to experience such negative feelings even in the case of problems with insomnia, a drug called Generic Imovane was created.

This drug was created on the basis of Zopiclone, which has several main effects. Among the most active ones are:

  • hypnotic effect,
  • relaxing effect,
  • sedative effect.

The effect of this drug occurs immediately on two levels, including muscle. That is, it is both a primitive physical and psychotropic effect. Nevertheless, if you compare it with more or less similar drugs, Imovane is quite unlike barbiturates. Generic Imovane due to the active action of Zopiclone, quickly plunges a person into a dream and allows him or her to go immediately into the phase of a long sleep so that the body was able to plunge into a long sleep without interference.

Imovane with Generic Zopiclone is quickly removed from the body if it was taken at the correct dosage. The drug leaves the body after 6 hours maximum, while it does not take any part in the metabolism. Notwithstanding the active sleeping pills, Zopiclone in Imovane does not exert any residual effect and does not provoke a feeling of fatigue even after awakening.

Indications for use

If you have trouble sleeping on a regular basis, then this drug is for you. Frequent indications include:

  • regular awakenings,
  • early awakenings,
  • impossibility to fall asleep.

Imovane is your way to get rid of even severe insomnia. It will help to cope with any problems in this area, deprive the sleep of anxiety and make it smooth and deep. During the action of the drug, that is, while you are in a state of deep sleep, you do not experience negative side effects and effects on your diseases of any type.

Note that the duration of treatment with Imovane and Zopiclone is limited and is no more than a month (4 weeks). In this case, the duration of treatment can be reduced that you noticed improvement and the result suited you.


Most often, Zopiclone is used to treat moderate-level diseases. A dose per day should not exceed 7.5 mg. It is possible to increase the dosage to a level of 15 mg only if your body requires it and the level of the disease is too high.


Restrictions on admission concern mainly elderly patients. Note that the dosage, in this case, decreases two times less than the average and is a maximum of 3.7 mg. There is a permissible increase in the dose, but only if the body responds to treatment naturally and adequately. If you are a non-elderly patient but have problems with internal organs (except kidneys), use the minimum dosage. As for kidney diseases, Imovane does not affect this area, so you can easily take Imovane without fear.

Side effects

Zopiclone in the Imovane is capable of provoking the emergence of negative side effects, such as:

  • bitter taste in the mouth,
  • migraine and dizziness,
  • fatigue and drowsiness,
  • allergic reactions,
  • fainting,
  • memory loss.


Zopiclone is a powerful active ingredient in Imovane. It can be dangerous for those patients who are at risk for this drug. So, those patients can be attributed to the group of risk who have:

  • myasthenia gravis,
  • propensity to allergic reactions,
  • state of pregnancy and lactation,
  • young age (less than 18).

Receiving Imovane should not be limited, but completely eliminated if the patient is pregnant or breastfeeding. This can be detrimental to the development of a child.



  • keep it not available for children and pets in a dry room,
  • the air temperature should not be above the room temperature,
  • control the expiry date.


Despite the fact that this drug is powerful enough, there has not been a single case of overdose. Nevertheless, it was noted that each organism is prone to an individual reaction to this drug. This means that the patient must be cautious about this medicine.

Other substances

Do not take Imovane with:

  • other sleeping pills,
  • alcohol,
  • anesthetics,
  • antidepressants,
  • erythromycin.

Observe care and caution when taking this medication. Follow the instructions: it’s the only way Imovane reception will be completely safe.

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