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Generic Ativan: general data on the drug

This drug is a potent derivative. Generic Ativan is used in those cases when it’s necessary to cure a mental disorder, and at the same time, its effect is quite powerful. It should be mentioned that the drug also has contraindications, possibly the appearance of adverse side effects. Externally, Ativan is easy to recognize.Thanks to a special consistency, the drug with Lorazepam looks like a powder of pure white color. It is difficult to be dissolved in water, the drug has no strong odor, but as it is difficult to be dissolved, it settles in the form of a white coating.


If you suffer from neuroses, Ativan is exactly the medicine that you need. Also, this drug is indicated for use in patients with a severe case of irritation and mood swings. Ativan is advised to apply in the following cases:

  1. you have one or more phobias,
  2. you have trouble sleeping,
  3. you go through a course of treatment after chemotherapy and other procedures,
  4. you undergo a course of rehabilitation after any injury,
  5. you have an obsessive-compulsive syndrome of any severity.

Other indications are epilepsy, even rare seizures, and also severe conditions noted in consultation with a specialist. In all of the above-toldcases, you should start taking Ativan.

Side effects

As with any potent drug, this medicine can cause side effects. The main active ingredient, GenericLorazepam, can cause diseases and discomfort, for example:

  • problems with the nervous system,
  • an allergy in any manifestations,
  • migraines and pain.

There is also a list full of side effects that are officially identified as the most common treatment with Lorazepam in Ativan. These include:

  • migraine and dizziness,
  • sleep disorders and memory work,
  • disorders of the stomach (nausea and indigestion),
  • scabies (even without visible allergic signs).

Active substance Lorazepam can influence the composition of liquids in the human body, in particular, the composition of blood. That is why during the course of treatment it is recommended to monitor the condition of the patient. Duration of treatment is to be determined as by the patient him/herself according to the internal sensations, so by a professional doctor who can examine the results of tests. It is recommended to take regular tests to study the effect of the drug on the body.

Possibility of overdose

The fact is that the amount of permissible content of Lorazepam, as part of Ativan, is limited. In the case you exceed the dosage, your body will begin to experience negative consequences, which are difficult to combat. Nevertheless, with the right approach to the problem, you can eliminate all the consequences with minimal harm. The most frequent signs of an overdose (regardless of the amount of the drug) are:

  • nausea and vomiting,
  • disturbances in the work of the stomach up to the complete refusal of food intake,
  • jumps of pressure and malaise associated with this.

Many more nuances can be attributed to side effects. The more drugs you take the more powerful and negative the effects you may have. Try to see a doctor as soon as possible for help if these occur.


A complete list of diseases that are incompatible with Ativan and drugs based on Lorazepam can be found in the instructions. The most common contraindications are:

  • propensity to allergy,
  • any degree of severity of glaucoma,
  • gravel.

Don’t take this drug in the case you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you are under the 18 y.o. In this case, the consequences may be more negative.

Treatment during pregnancy

The risk of possible penetration of Ativan and certain components of Lorazepam type into mother’s milk is proved. If possible, avoid drug treatment during the feeding period, as well as during the 1sttrimester. The child is most vulnerable during that time.

Additional Information

Ativan can influence your mood, aggravate sad or negative thoughts, including a tendency to suicidal mood. Note: Ativan can induce addiction, so it should be taken with great care. Don’t mix this medicine with drugs or alcohol in any amount. There is also a list of drugs that are incompatible with Ativan. You can study the complete list in the instructions that will be attached to the packaging. Ativan has its positive effect only if it is taken in accordance with the instructions. Any deviation from the instruction does not guarantee the result.

Deadline for admission

The maximum admissible period of taking the drug Ativan without a doctor’s recommendation is no more than 45 days (one and a half months). If you have a desire or need to prolong treatment, you can pause before resuming the course or contact your doctor for advice.

Where can I buy Ativan?

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