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Generic Accutane: data on the drug

The drug Accutane or Generic Accutane is a medicine that belongs to remedies for skin care.

As a part of Accutane, you can find most of the substance called Generic Isotretinoin. It can be compared with Retinol: in Generic Accutane, there is retinol and vitamin A. The complete treatment process simply can’t be described, it is too complicated because of the reactions that affect each other, but Accutane is currently one of the most active drugs in its field. You can even safely call it the most active drug. Until now, volunteers often conduct research and so far no case has been recorded when Accutane had no effect. Of course, it is also important to keep the achieved result: Isotretinoin in Generic Accutane helps to fix the effect and acne does not return for a long time. It is impossible to distinguish a similarly acting drug, which would have such a rabid success. Definitely, Accutane is able to help even in the most difficult situations.

Information about the preparation

Accutane appeared on the market a long time ago. Its history has already crossed the third decade. Accutane is a German drug that has remained unchanged for 30 years regarding its composition: Isotretinoin takes up most of its recipe. Moreover, Accutane has contraindications and specific instructions, like any other potent drug. In order to make the effect of these tablets exceptionally positive, it is recommended you to follow the instructions and mix Isotretinoin with other drugs carefully.

Kind of medicine

Externally, Accutane is easy to be recognized among other tablets: it is not round and white, but more like an elongated capsule in a shell of gelatin. Accutane has no taste and a pronounced odor, it is easy to swallow and it dissolves quickly in the stomach. One capsule of the drug may contain a different amount of Isotretinoin, so always pay attention to the dosage of the drug on the package. The maximum dose per day is not more than 40 mg.

Distinctive features

Isotretinoin is a known substance that has a direct relationship to retinoic acid. Its action is quite aggressive, that is why drug Accutane is so effective. Take the medicine with care and always follow the instructions.

Side effects

Accutane is extremely effective, but efficiency is to be lost and can even turn to harm if the rules for the use of Accutane are violated. At some point, studies have shown conflicting information about the fact that this drug can be very harmful to:

  • children,
  • patients prone to suicidal thoughts,
  • pregnant and lactating women.

This information is partially true: pregnant women and those who breastfeed should not take Accutane. If its reception is necessary, it is better to consult a doctor in advance. It will help to find an analog or, if necessary, make up the regimen of taking the drug according to the permissible safety standards.

Side effects

There are common and safe side effects that should not become a reason for panic. These can be:

  • mood swings,
  • problems with hearing,
  • pressure drops.

Mood swings can provoke gloomy feelings and even suicidal thoughts. Most often, patients who are prone to this behavior are more likely to experience this. It means that the drug is safe but if you are prone to this behavior, take the medication with caution.

As for the main differences between the antibiotics and Accutane, there are practically none. Side effects are observed, but they are similar to those that trigger the intake of ordinary antibiotics. This means that there is no increased danger.


As for the dosage, it must be calculated based on the weight of the patient. Average dose is 1 mg per 1 kg of weight. If you need a more powerful effect, double the dose and take it in the morning and evening, respectively. Treatment can last up to a month if necessary. When taking the drug, you can take the pill with an abundant amount of water. Note that if the second course of treatment is required, a period of about 60 days must pass between the two courses. Repeated reception is recommended if the ideal result was not achieved during the first treatment. In this case, the dosage for the second course of treatment can be reduced.

Even if the result does not suit you, doctors do not recommend increasing the amount of the drug independently. The maximum allowable dose is not more than 2 mg per 1 kg of weight. If even this amount of Accutane medicine does not give the desired result, ask your doctor for help. You may need to take tests to determine the cause of low effectiveness of Accutane.

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