Want to lose weight without strain?

Can I lose weight effortlessly? Many people ask this question, but there is a whole list of simple tips that will help to fight excess weight without straining. Of course, you can just buy pills, such as Meridia or Phentermine in any pharmacy, but these tips will help maintain a good weight and not gain extra pounds even after the diet is completed. Want to lose weight without strain?

  1. Buy the blue dishes

Have you ever wondered why there are so many red dishes in fast food restaurants? This color stimulates the appetite – nutritionists say so. Try to choose blue plates – so you will eat less.

  1. Drink after eating

The liquid, when soaked with food, liquefies the gastric juice, slows digestion and provokes bloating – nutritionists are sure of it. To quench your thirst without harm to the body, wait half an hour after eating before drinking water.

  1. Meditate

Stress changes the hormonal background and leads to a set of extra pounds. Yoga and meditation help to control mood and weight.

  1. Breathe deeper

When you smell food, your brain gives it away for satiety – this is another fact proven by dietitians. To deceive the body, inhale the aroma of food every time before eating a piece. Adherents of this theory add to the meal special crystals that enhance the smell of food, and hence reduce the feeling of hunger.

  1. Give up sugar

Instead of sugar and sugar substitutes, choose a natural sweetener made of stevia. The extract of this South American plant is 250 times sweeter than sucrose.

  1. Choose spicy flavors

According to the research, men, guessing the weight of women, were at least 7% less wrong, if she smelled with spicy floral perfume, not citrus. There is no explanation for this, but it seems that the spicy flavor “make you thinner”, like vertical stripes on clothes.

  1. Start with fruit

Try to start breakfast with a slice of watermelon, melon or berries, and eat muesli after 25 minutes. These are useful tips for the morning. In the morning, for the body, it is easier to digest fruits than heavy proteins like eggs and bacon.

  1. Drink wine

Studies in Boston have shown that women who drink a glass of wine every day suffer less weight than those who do not drink at all. In this case, excessive consumption of alcohol can provoke various diseases. Choose red wine, useful for the cardiovascular system: it will help you stay in shape without creating health problems.

  1. Drag the time

Follow the Buddhist way of eating – the more attention you pay to food, the less you eat. Use Chinese sticks instead of forks, eat with your left hand, if you are right handed, set the alarm for 20 minutes – and do not leave the table until it rings.

  1. Distract yourself

After supper, try to brush your teeth as quickly as possible, so that nothing else is missing from the table. If this does not help, chew the chewing gum and busy your hands with something – check your Facebook or make a manicure. For men, the advice is the same: why not read your favorite book or do something else instead of having a late snack?

These simple tips will help you to control yourself. In a few weeks, you will notice that it has become a habit, and that losing weight will become even easier.

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