Are you a victim of anxiety attacks? Complete relief assured with Xanax bars

Are you a victim of anxiety attacks? A panic attack is a peak in the development of vegetovascular dystonia. With this attack, all the symptoms intensify, and fear and panic reach their higher point. When the panic attack started, it can’t be stopped by anything.

It is possible to smooth out and reduce its duration only with the help of medications, for example, with the help of Xanax. This is a strong enough drug, which you can buy at the pharmacy. It belongs to sedatives and has a complex effect. Why this particular drug? Because it starts acting very quickly, within 5-10 minutes. Also, almost no side effect exist from a single dose. It removes fear, reduces the sensitivity of the body to adrenaline – the hormone of fear.

It is useless to take all herbs-based drugs during the panic attack (they have a very mild calming effect, which begins 1-2 hours after ingestion). If you consider that the attack lasts 30-90 minutes, then there is no reason to use tinctures of valerian, peony, motherwort, hawthorn. They are effective in the complex treatment with regular admission. Xanax combines several effects at once to fight the disease.

There are several types of drugs that are prescribed to combat panic attacks. These include:

  • They minimize anxiety and emotional tension, normalize palpitation and sweating. You need to take these medications episodically – for example, feeling the approach of an attack. The side effects of many tranquilizers are that they can be addictive, which leads to withdrawal of the drug. For this reason, tranquilizers usually last only a couple of weeks. In addition, there are violations of the concentration of attention, and the reaction rate is reduced,
  • Taking antidepressants helps to cope with emotional instability and excitability, they improve sleep and mood, minimize stress and anxiety. But there are also possible complicating moments, manifested in the form of violations of the gastrointestinal tract, headaches and lethargy, dizziness, insomnia or drowsiness, weakness and so on. Taking medications of this type often starts with small doses, gradually increasing them. The same happens during the cancellation: the dose of antidepressants decreases gradually. The course of treatment is from six months to a year,
  • They are divided into so-called large and small neuroleptics – the latter are often used to treat panic attacks,
  • nootropic drugs. The purpose of these drugs is to normalize and improve the functioning of the brain. They are appointed to combat anxiety in conjunction with other drugs,
  • soothing (sedative). These are the least dangerous drugs that are not addictive but help fight panic attacks.

The best thing is to stay away from medications altogether, because, as the experience shows, the psyche allows patients to get rid of panic attacks without resorting to drugs in the overwhelming majority of cases. Anyway, by taking Xanax in emergency cases, you will provide a full protection against panic attacks and help your body.

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