Metronidazole – antibiotic marketed as Flagyl to treat bacterial vaginosis

Among the many diseases of the genitourinary system that occur in women, bacterial vaginosis occupies one of the leading positions in the “rating” of epidemiology. It is a dysbacteriosis of the microflora that lives on the walls of the vagina.

Despite the fact that this disease is well studied by modern medicine, it is difficult for some women to treat it since bacterial vaginosis has the property of recurring: the disease appears again sometime after a seemingly successful treatment. So, what remedies do you need to treat bacterial vaginosis to avoid its reoccurrence?

The development of bacterial vaginosis in women and girls occurs with a decrease in the number of useful lactobacilli in the vagina, whose place is occupied by pathogenic flora, including Gardnerella vaginalis (the causative agent of bacterial vaginosis). The disease manifests itself as a sharp odor that resembles rotten fish, the “fragrance” intensifies after unprotected sexual intercourse (sexually transmitted pathogens may cause a subsequent relapse).

Flagyl to treat bacterial vaginosis Bacterial vaginosis develops rapidly, the first symptoms can manifest as early as a day after infection. The severity of the discharge depends on the degree of infection and on the age of a woman or a girl. Thus, in adolescent girls, excretions may not differ from normal and leave no traces on the underwear, which can’t be said about the development of the disease in middle-aged women. In women giving birth, the clinical picture of bacterial vaginosis is acuter: there are abundant secretions of white or grayish color; there is an unpleasant odor, which can’t be eliminated. In medical practice, there is disagreement as to what causes the infection. Some experts believe that bacterial vaginosis is transmitted sexually (it should be noted that this is not a venereal disease). But this is very controversial, because only sexually transmitted pathogens can be transmitted, and since they are part of the microbiocenosis, it cannot be said that this caused the infection. Only some venereal diseases are sexually transmitted.

You can treat bacterial vaginosis by taking systemic tablets, as well as intravaginal suppositories. But not all drugs effectively treat this disease. For the treatment of bacterial vaginosis in girls, doctors most often appoint oral tablets, for women – vaginal tablets and suppositories. It is noted that effective bacterial vaginosis is treated with the drug Metronidazole, better known as Flagyl – it can be easily bought at pharmacies online. What is the principle of treating bacterial vaginosis with this drug, and can it be used for girls and women? This is a drug, the action of which is directed at the destruction of breeding Gardnerella vaginalis. Of course, it has its own indications, contraindications and side effects in the treatment of bacterial vaginosis, but its positive effect is fixed and is often used.

Before using the medication, be sure to consult a doctor, as some of the remedies, with the wrong choice of the active substance, can have a beneficial effect on the further development of pathogens, thereby burdening the course and further qualified treatment.

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