Does Valium really help in treating alcohol withdrawal syndrome?

Valium treat alcohol withdrawal Frequent intake of alcohol over time leads to the emergence of dependence. Alcohol addiction in many respects is similar to narcotic, as it has both a psychological and a physical component. Alcoholism can affect people of almost all ages and social groups, that is, teenagers who want to try everything as quickly as possible, successful entrepreneurs, and civil servants who began to use alcohol for relaxation after work and who may be secretly addicted to strong drinks.

As a rule, alcoholism begins at times when a person experiences difficulties in the family or at work, which causes stress to him or her. In order to drown out stress, a person tries to relax with the help of infrequent receptions of alcohol in bars or with friends, which brings an imaginary sense of relief, gaiety, and euphoria caused by alcohol.

The gatherings with the use of alcohol with friends and not only with them become more frequent. Alcohol consumption at this stage in the development of alcoholism already has a significant health impact, and a person often experiences memory dips.

Then the person begins to lose control completely, and from this moment, the booze begins to control his or her life, which affects him or her, work, and family.

The disappearance of moral values leads to the complete degradation of a person. There is an unreasonable irritation to the exhortations of others. In addition, there are obvious mental disorders, including unfounded fears, unclear religious beliefs, inability to do anything without alcohol, etc. At this stage of alcoholism, a person either blames others in this deplorable state.

Many leading specialists in the field of alcoholism treatment invariably come to the conclusion that the first step to recovery of the patient should be done independently. The first step involves recognizing the presence of alcohol abuse. Many alcoholics are unable to realize without additional psychological help that they have a persistent dependence, which must necessarily be combated by all available means.

The main drugs are those that contribute to the elimination of withdrawal and detoxification syndrome, they include Valium and other powerful drugs that you can buy at the pharmacy. These drugs help the alcoholic cope with dependence and reduce the risk of serious brain damage due to withdrawal syndrome. The most effective drugs are those that belong to the benzodiazepine group. Benzodiazepines of long-term action remove the symptoms of alcoholism. The dose of benzodiazepines is gradually decreasing, which makes it possible to make alcohol withdrawal easier. The appointment of sedatives can reduce the emotional stress that accompanies the refusal of alcohol.

In the case of treatment of people suffering from alcoholism for a long time, saline and vitamin injections can be prescribed, which help restore electrolyte balance and promote the healing of damaged tissues. Medication is considered particularly useful in the first 3 days after giving up alcohol. The thing is that the first symptoms of withdrawal appear 12 hours after the last intake of alcohol, and the strongest manifestations of withdrawal syndrome are observed after 48 hours. The most critical phase can last more than a day, after which the symptoms decline.

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