Does Klonopin cure anxiety problems?

Most often, one serious illness leads to another. So, for example, epilepsy very often adjoins with panic attacks and other mood and behavior disorders. Can a drug from epilepsy, for example, Klonopin, help in this case and cure the anxiety?

Does Klonopin cure anxiety problems? The treatment of epilepsy takes as a basis an integrated approach, which is based on the main rule: a reasonable and correct combination of drugs. This is the only way to avoid strong pressure on the internal organs and get a positive effect. Perhaps the patient will need help from a psychologist or even a psychiatrist: in neglected cases, pills are not always able to help. Treatment gives a full and absolute effect only in half the cases – this is the data for Europe. In other cases, the disease simply falls asleep and does not bother the patient. This means that the propensity to it remains, as well as possible attacks, but they become unlikely and irregular.

This also applies to panic attacks. Often they are related to each other and it is impossible to cure one without the other. To cure the disease, physicians prescribe broad-spectrum tablets depending on what the diagnosis was, whether it is a recurring epileptic seizure or if the disease manifests itself locally. A neurologist should instruct the patients or parents of children in detail on how to treat the disease. Usually, patients prescribe themselves anticonvulsant and neuroleptics, and in combination with them – dehydrants, anti-inflammatory spectrum pills, and antiepileptic drugs (for example, the above-mentioned Klonopin, which can be bought at the pharmacy).

Advice on how to cure epilepsy: if you take a drug from a group of benzodiazepines in combination with medications such as anticonvulsant tablets, you can relieve tension and remove anxiety.

In general, after diagnosing, the doctor must choose a set of medicines that would be individually well tolerated, with the help of which it would be possible to cure not only the symptoms but also the disease itself. What if you have an allergy? Immediately notify the attending physician about this, but do not completely revoke the treatment on your own.

More often than not, in complex treatment, the doctor is based on the experience of his or her colleagues who have already used proven methods of treatment. For example, with temporal epilepsy, the psychomotor symptoms in an attack can be completely removed by using the listed valproic acid-based tablets. Diagnosis: generalized seizure – anticonvulsant drugs are needed, but you can also take antihistamine and vegetotrophic drugs, for example, a group of drugs based on Papaverine. A good bio stimulator is advised for both children and adults – aloe. You can grow it yourself and take it with a new attack.

Whether it is possible to cure epilepsy and the concomitant panic attacks, being on outpatient treatment, that is, at home, it is difficult to argue. With the exception of severe attacks in children and adults, hospitalization and resuscitation with prolonged status epilepticus, probably the answer is yes. After all, you can take the pill at home, if only the diagnosis is corrected on time. As for surgical intervention, there are a lot of contraindications, including the frequency of seizures in children is less than 2-3 per month, in adults less often 4-5. Also, with large foci or smeared EEG results, it is not allowed to cure epilepsy surgically (with complex forms of epilepsy and frequent attacks), the generalized structure of the disease.

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